Chatting on Facebook Messenger made easy



Caprine is an app that makes chatting with your Facebook contacts on Windows a breeze. Plus, this unofficial client has impressive features compared to the usual ones.

Log into your Facebook account to see how simple and elegant Caprine’s interface is. On the left pane, you can see recent conversations and the rest of your contacts. To start chatting, click on the contact you want to connect with. Also, you still have access to all of the regular features of Facebook Messenger: emojis, GIFs, stickers, pictures from your device, voice messages...

Some upgrades that Caprine offers include its night mode that improves visibility, a responsive interface adapted to all kinds of screens and a notification system that you can customize to your tastes. This app also has lots of different privacy settings: you can block the feature that tells others when you are writing, keep Facebook from detecting when you open links and more.

Caprine is a great alternative if you want to keep chatting on Facebook Messenger without using the usual channels. This is an app with loads of customizable settings that make the user experience everything that you could hope for.